Our Values


For more than a century, our reputation in Owen County has been built on meeting the needs of families with down-to-earth yet dignified professionalism. When we hear kind words from the staff at a nursing home or hospital, when we receive a note from someone we’ve recently worked with – this means so much and reflects our care for those around us.

We Support Our Community

We consider it an honor to use our expertise to assist our neighbors during difficult times. Whether we’re handling the details of a final farewell, the selection of a final resting place, or offering support after the funeral is over, you can trust us to walk alongside you with compassion. From our facilities to our merchandise to our vehicles, we strive to provide the best. We like to say we care for others as if we’re caring for our own mothers or fathers. This personal touch is noticeable and goes a long way in our community.

“I would like to think that anyone who knows our firm understands that we could not lay our heads down at night unless we have given 100% to everything we do.”

– Todd Walton

Where Tradition Meets Innovation

While we’re best known for our traditional services, we also have a reputation for incorporating new and innovate ways to help families.

  • We are the only funeral provider in our area to webcast funerals on our website.
  • We offer the services of our certified grief counselor and grief dogs.
  • Every one of our preplanning specialists is a licensed funeral director and life insurance agent.
  • We are family-owned, living and working within the communities we serve. Our staff members are involved in area churches, schools, boards, and clubs that do so much for our area.
  • We are the only funeral home in our counties and surrounding area that have our own crematory, and the only Cremation with Confidence™

You can always trust us to serve you well and treat you like family.


“Professional & Family-Owned Culture”