We hear time and time again that this location has a true feeling of home. And it’s no wonder, given that this beautiful building dates back to the 1880s, when it served as both home and office to local physician Dr. Thomas. In 1930, Harry Welch purchased the building, spending the next two years remodeling it to become a funeral home. As a historical side note, Welch hired current owner Todd Walton’s great-grandfather, Kenneth Russell, a local brick mason, to construct the beautiful front porch with the unique architecture and skillful arches.

A spacious chapel, lounge, and bathrooms were added in 1972, and in 2019, the funeral home underwent a major remodel to now feature a larger lounge, updated décor, and the capability to webcast funerals.

Families find our new family area with its comforting fireplace and soft lighting to be a peaceful space where they can gather and heal. Look through our gallery of photos, and feel free to stop by for an in-person tour. We’re always happy to meet another neighbor in the area.