Meet our Grief Dogs, Dawdle and Ruby

The Most Popular Members of our Team!

Dawdle came to our funeral homes after being hand-selected by Kevin Knartzer, owner and trainer of Tails Up Paws Down. The breeder must be doing something right as one of their dogs was invited to Westminster, the largest dog show in the United States!

Dawdle was raised on a farm with many Labradors, horses, and other farm animals. A few years ago, the breeder had a very tragic incident where her barn/kennel caught fire and she lost many of her prized dogs. Fortunately, Dawdle was a very young puppy at the time and was in the house. The breeder was devastated by the loss and kept Dawdle for some time before deciding that Dawdle had too sweet of a personality to live a comfortable life as a pet. That is when she contacted Tails Up Paws Down.

At that time, Dawdle was nearly two years old and Kevin immediately knew she could lift peoples’ spirits and provide comfort in their time of need. Kevin had been placing and working with “facility dogs” for over 15 years and knew Dawdle had great potential for this line of work.

Kevin only places dogs he feels will be 100% able and 100% happy to do the job asked of them. In fact, he interviewed 3-4 dogs before selecting Dawdle to be a comfort dog for the Walton’s Funeral Homes. He kept and trained Dawdle for an extended period of time exposing her to crowds, other dogs, and public venues to be sure she’s confident and happy in various situations.

One misconception people have about dogs that work as facility dogs and service animals is that the dogs live where they work. We believe every dog needs downtime “away from the office,” so Dawdle lives with the Walton family. When she is off duty, she likes to run and play and she sleeps in their youngest daughter’s bed always getting a good night’s sleep after a long day of work. The Waltons can’t imagine their family without Dawdle!

She is available upon request to meet with families during funeral arrangements, visitations, and funeral services. She loves to sit on the porch to greet those who come to visit. Dawdle is also available to visit local nursing homes and schools. Call today if you would like to have Dawdle stop by!

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