Creating a Personal Farewell

At Walton Funeral Service, we understand the healing that comes with a meaningful, customized funeral service whether you choose traditional burial or cremation. We have the experience and creativity to help you honor your loved one in a unique way. First, we talk about what made your loved one special. Was it their interests and hobbies? Their sense of humor or career accomplishments? Maybe their military service was a turning point or their faith served as an inspiration for everyone around them.

Next, we think of ways to shine a spotlight on these elements. From special music to tribute videos to keepsakes handed out to family and friends, we go the distance to create an unforgettable farewell.

Ideas to Personalize the Service

Military Honors

Candlelight Ceremony

Limousine Service

Picture Board

Thumbprint Jewelry



Graveside Service

Floral Selection

Motorcycle Hearse

Printed Memorabilia

Balloon Release

Live Music

Casket Personalization

Video Tribute

Receptions & Catering